CTS produces prefabricated scaffolding and metallic constructions since 1974, and since 1979 it obtains Ministerial Authorization by the Ministry of Labour and by Social Security (Ministerial Authorization Certificate n°22018/PR7-B101 dated 09/05/1979, Ministerial Authorization Certificate n°20834/OM-4 dated 25/05/2000).
CTS is on italian and foreign market for more than 40 years, because it offers first-rate items: its scaffolding is simple and practical to assemble and to disassemble and it’s very resistant and reliable.
The CTS scaffolding is one of the most requested on the market because CTS assures careful quality controls and the greatest security in building site.
Its scaffolding is available in painted and hot zinc plated version.
CTS is quality, safety, practicality.